Consumers urged to buy local goods and services as the Buy Malawi Strategy website launches

Nov 20, 2017

Buy Malawian Build Malawi


The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism and its partners officially launched the Buy Malawi Strategy website,, an interactive communications and marketing tool aimed at promoting the consumption of locally produced goods and services in Malawi.


At the launch, which took place on 15th November 2017 in Lilongwe, the Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Honorable Henry Mussa, urged Malawians to change their mindset and and buy local goods look to help boost trade and economic growth in the country.


The Minister also urged the private sector in the country to take advantage of the website and advertise their products, as well as apply for the certification of their products with a Buy Malawian Build Malawi logo.


“If the private sector and consumers respond positively to this message, there will be more benefits to the economy. The increase in effective demand will inject more money into productive sectors as well as create more jobs for local entrepreneurs,” said the Minister.


The Minister further appealed to local firms and manufacturers to focus on enhancing the quality of locally produced goods and services to make them more competitive and meet evolving consumer preferences.


Speaking on behalf of the United Nations Development Programme, the Portfolio Manager for Resilience and Sustainable Growth, Mr. Andrew Spezowka, commended the Ministry for its commitment in implementing the Buy Malawi Strategy.


Mr. Spezowka explained how buying Malawian goods and services will help address the country’s trade deficit and promote entrepreneurship and innovation, while spurring demand for more employees among local companies. He further urged that the Buy Malawian logo should not be linked to poor quality products and services as this could undermine consumer confidence in the brand.


Buying Malawian starts with you and me. We have a tremendous role to play in using our spending power to help build a better Malawi for all Malawians. Let us all critically reflect on our consumer spending habits so that we can help Malawi reap larger development dividend one kwacha at a time,” said Mr. Spezowka.


The website launch was attended by representatives of the private sector, government officials, a selected number of consumer groups, the media and representatives of development partners.


A demonstration of the website outlined its features, including integration of social media tools including WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook to promote interactivity amongst users. The website offers local companies access to online application forms for their membership, to upload their advertised products and showcase their company profile. The consumer section of the website features a search tool for different categories of local products and services accessible on the local market.


The Buy Malawi Strategy is one of the interventions championed by the Malawi Government in partnership with the UNDP, designed to promote the consumption of locally produced goods and services, which will help propel wealth creation and industrialization, a key priority in the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy III. The Strategy also directly contributes to Sustainable Development Goals 8 9, and 12, aimed at Decent Work and Economic Growth; Sustainable Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, and Sustainable Consumption and Production, respectively. 

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