Support to Human Rights (2012-2018)

What is the project about

The United Nations Joint Work on Human Rights was designed to provide a framework for cooperation and facilitate collaboration between United Nations Agencies and National Human Rights institutions.

The ultimate goal of this collaboration is to enhance coordination, harmonization and reduce transactional costs but also duplication thereby strengthening Malawi’s capacity to meet its human rights obligations. Interventions are implemented through annually agreed workplans involving six UN agencies (UNDP, OHCHR, UNICEF, UNW, UNFPA, and UNAIDS).

Whereas MHRC is the main implementing partner, Office of the Ombudsman and Ministry of Justice (Human Rights Unit) are Responsible Partners.

Project Objective

  • To strengthen Malawi’s capacity to meet its human rights obligations

Main Project Activities

  • Enhance coordination and harmonization in human rights interventions
  • Strengthen technical capacities of national human rights institutions 
  • Enhance Malawi’s engagement in state party reporting and Universal periodic review
  • Strengthen human rights protection
  • Increase Human Rights awareness

What have we accomplished so far

The project has so far achieved the following achievements, among others:

  • Participatory development of a gender responsive human rights national action plan yet to be adopted by Cabinet Establishment of a human rights coordination forum
  • Successful lobbying and advocacy for several human rights sensitive pieces of legislation
  • HIV and Aids Management (passed by Parliament in November 2017)
  • Trafficking in persons Act Gender Equality Act (2013)
  • Anatomy Act Land Laws (2017)
  • Access to Information Act (2017)
  • Revision of Sections 22 and 23 on age of the Child and Marriage
  • Enhanced engagement with state party reporting and the Universal Periodic review process. 
  • Knowledge products and other information resources including: Study report on death penalty that highlights negative attitudes of traditional authorities on death penalty providing a context based basis for anti-death penalty advocacy.
  • Study report on National Assessment of Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights Services
  • Disability Training Manual
  • Disability Mainstreaming strategy
  • Disability Communication strategy

Who Finances it?

UN agencies pool resources to finance the project on an annual basis.

In 2017, the following were contributions from the agencies:

UNDP (US$437,000) UNICEF (US$127,900), UNAIDS (US$40,000), OHCHR (US$33,184) UNFPA (US$27,000) UNW (US$24,000).

The total budget for 2017 was US$ 689,084 with US$510,084 allocated to Malawi Human Rights Commission, US$100,000 allocated to the Office of the Ombudsman and US$79,000 allocated to Ministry of Justice (Human Rights Unit).


Delivery in previous fiscal year

Donor Name
Amount used
$ 373,733.00
UNDP $ 100,726.00
All sources $ 407,187.92

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