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When the Jerusalem Challenge dance video started on social media, UNDP Malawi decided to jump on the trend, with the great dance skills of its staff. We set up to do our very own video with a twist…  

2018 Africa Sustainable Development Report

The report finds that countries such as Kenya, Morocco, South Africa and Tunisia, which rank high on science and innovation in Africa, invest a relatively higher share of their GDP in research and…  

Global Policy Network

GPN is the engine for thought leadership, UNDP’s programmatic work and a vital delivery mechanism of our integrator function.  

Human Development 2018 Statistical Update

SDG transformational stories in Malawi

Ordinary Malawians with extraordinary contributions to achieve Sustainable Development Goals in their communities  

Localisation and translation of SDGs in Malawi

with support from UNDP, The Malawi Government is taking lead in the translation of the SDGs in three local languages to facilitate understanding and adoption by the communities - in the spirit of…  

Leaving No One Behind: What does it mean for Malawi?

This paper investigates the concept of “leave no one behind” in the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Malawi.  


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