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Access to Justice Video

Access to justice to rural women remains one of the key challenges that is hindering on gender equality and other developmental issues in Malawi UNDP is working with the Paralegal Advisory Service…  

Video: Celebrating International Women's Day in Malawi

The United Nations in Malawi joins the rest of the world; as we celebrate the progress Malawi has made in the fight for women’s empowerment  

Video: Introducing the Accelerator Lab in Malawi

We are looking to recruit; The Head of exploration, Head of Experimentation; And the Head of Ethnography.  

SDG transformational stories in Malawi

Ordinary Malawians with extraordinary contributions to achieve Sustainable Development Goals in their communities  

Transforming Malawi: videos from the field

Supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), UK Aid and Germany through KfW, the MICF is designed to be a quick, responsive mechanism that is not overly bureaucratic and understands  


Ending Poverty. Together  

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