Resilience and
Sustainable Growth (RSG)

Development Solutions for RSG

Aligned to the SDGs, UNDP’s Resilience and Sustainable Growth (RSG) team manages a portfolio of initiatives focusing on:

  • Accelerating growth and innovation through expanded access by emerging entrepreneurs to affordable start-up capital.
  • Expanding market-led innovation and inclusive business solutions to Malawi’s development challenges in the areas of agri-business, manufacturing, logistics, irrigation, and renewable energy.
  • Supporting small and medium-size enterprises to expand into new markets, meet quality standards, and create new jobs, with a focus on women and youth.
  • Facilitating impact investments through enterprise challenge funds, business development services for social entrepreneurs in the renewable energy sector, and incentives for employment creation.
  • Creating more robust disaster risk and early warning systems, including expanding access to timely, reliable and actionable climate and weather information to reduce livelihood risks and inform development planning.
  • Facilitating local governance, responsive institutions, and social accountability for community-based action to scale-up climate change adaptation.
  • Helping our Malawian partners access climate finance to support implementation of priority programmes and actions under the Paris Agreement on climate change.
  • Under the Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All), up-scaling access to renewable energy services, especially through clean mini-grids.
  • Promoting healthy ecosystems and nature-based solutions to improve resilience to shocks.

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