Our Projects

Democratic Governance

  • Malawi Electoral Cycle Support

    Through the Malawi Cycle Support project, we are working with the Malawi Electoral Commission, development partners and all the elections stakeholders to plan and conduct free, fair and credible tripartite elections in 2014; and to undertake subsequent institutional development and electoral reform beyond the elections.

  • Malawi human rights support project

    In this project, we have pooled resources together with the Royal Norwegian Embassy to promote and protect human rights in line with Section 30 of the Malawi Constitution on the right to development.

Capacity Development

Environment and Energy

  • Sustainable Land Management Project

    The Sustainable Land Management Project aims at reducing land degradation in the Shire River Basin through improved institutional, policy and payment for ecosystem services (PES) arrangements, which will ensure improved hydro-power generation, and enhanced livelihoods of communities around the basin.

  • The PEI was developed jointly by UNDP and UNEP to enhance the contribution of the sustainable management of natural resources to poverty reduction, pro-poor economic growth and achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

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