Strengthening political parties project

What is the project about

 Political party leaders pose for a photo during the launch of the Centre for Multi-party Democracy (Malawi) strategic plan. Photo: UNDP Malawi

The project was formulated to address the prevailing political and democratic challenges being faced by the country despite making significant strides in consolidating democracy and development since the dawn of multi-party democracy in 1993. The county’s political landscape has been characterised by weak political parties with significant legal, organisational, and administrative gaps. As such, UNDP is working to develop vibrant, inclusive, and accountable political parties that can articulate policy positions and negotiate change through the electorate is vital.

With the Strengthening political parties project, we are assisting political parties to have clear ideologies and functioning internal democracy through the Centre for Multiparty Democracy-Malawi (CMD-M). CMD–M is a membership organization that provides a platform for dialogue for different political parties to discuss issues of common interest and develop programs for their common benefit. CMD-M is open to political parties that have representation in the National Assembly through the general elections or by-elections, or non-parliamentary parties who would be represented on the CMD Board as a block.

The project is also promoting intra-party democracy by supporting the review and revision of key building blocks of political parties including parties’ constitutions to integrate women, youth, and other marginalised groups in party structures, as well as provide training for relevant party members. The project was conceived to assist CMD-M fulfill its strategic goals as detailed in its strategic plan which was developed with assistance from UNDP.

What have we accomplished so far

During the reporting period, much progress has been achieved on the review of Revised Political Parties Registration and Regulation.

  1. The Centre for Multiparty Democracy organised advocacy meetings with the Legal Affairs Committee of Parliament among other stakeholders to lobby the members of committee to support the process. Controversial areas in the current Political Parties’ Registration and Regulation Act (PPRRA) such as party funding, independence of the office of the registrar for political parties and accountability of political parties were discussed and recommendations made. Radio and print media consultations were also done and much feedback was received, and CMD has compiled feedback obtained.
  2. A reference group comprising The Ministry of Justice, Law Commission, Registrar of Political Parties and Malawi Law Society has been put in place. This reference group will work on the submissions that have been collected and produce a final draft.
  3. The CMD-M is in the process of lobbying the leaders of political parties represented in the National assembly to provide support to the process through their members of parliament.
  4. UNDP is also working with CMD-M in assisting in developing Political Parties’ issue-based Platforms for 2014 Elections.  Consultations have been completed and CMD-M has also developed training modules on political ideology, policy formulation and advocacy.
  5. CMD-M is also assisting to develop governance structures for political parties to foster transparency and accountability. So far, eleven constitutions of political parties have been collected and are under review to establish the extent to which they entrench the provisions of intra-party democracy. Upon completion of this step, political parties will be assisted to revise and realign their constitutions along the proposals of the review.
  6. CMD-M is also assisting in strengthening platform for inter-party dialogue to promote transparency & accountability as well as enhance credibility and legitimacy of political parties. CMD-M has facilitated the reactivation and operations of Multiparty Liaison Committees (MPLCs) in 9 of the 13 districts they are working in.

Who Finances it?

Only financial contributions of at least $ 100,000.00 are indicated here.

Donor Name
Amount contributed per year
$ 3,105,470.29
One UN $ 339,147.29
UNDP $ 151,371.00


Delivery in previous fiscal year

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Amount used
DFID - UK $ 218,453.00
One UN $ 43,656.00
UNDP $ 151,368.00

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