Malawi Electoral Cycle Support

What is the project about

 Registration for the May 2014 Tripartite Elections in progress with support from the Malawi Electoral Cycle Support Project. Photo: UNDP Malawi

The Malawi Electoral Cycle Support project is designed to support and strengthen the capacities of the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) to plan, conduct and supervise credible and genuine elections in 2014. Through this project, we are supporting the MEC’s efforts to ensure broad inclusiveness and informed participation among electoral stakeholders including voters, candidates and the media. Emphasis in this regard is on promoting the participation and engagement of women, youth, people with disabilities and marginalized groups.

Parallel to this, the project is poised to undertake other institutional development and electoral reforms in line with the MEC’s 2012-2017 Strategic Plan. One such reform is the creation of a basket fund through which development partners are providing financial resources to support the electoral process and impending elections in Malawi. This fund is there to ensure harmonized and efficient use of the financial resources from all the development partners involved in this project.

Approximately 18 million US Dollars has been budgeted for the Project, which is currently funded by the United Kingdom Department for International Development (DfID), European Union, Ireland, Norway, Japan and UNDP. This constitutes about 40 percent of the entire elections budget and covers costs of technical assistance and the procurement of selected election materials. The total elections budget as agreed by Government, the MEC and the Development Partners in early May 2013 is USD$44.4 million.

What have we accomplished so far

  1. Basket fund is established and funded.
  2. Electoral Laws have been submitted to Parliament where a number of them have been reviewed discussed and has been passed while others are yet to be discussed prior to the 2014 elections.
  3. The formulation of the MEC’s Strategic Plan was assisted by UNDP.
  4. UNDP is supporting policy and technical level meetings of key stakeholders for coordination and support to the electoral process.
  5. UNDP is providing policy and technical assistance with operational planning, civic and voter education and risk management.
  6. Codes of conduct for the Media, CSO’s and Political Parties have been reviewed, signed and are in place for implementation with key stakeholders.
  7. Technical Advisors are being recruited and and deployed.
  8. Through the Basket Fund UNDP has procured voter registration kits to support the MEC’s electoral operation.
  9. Through UNDP and Development Partners support Voter Registration is progressing well and is within the designed period.

Who Finances it?

Only financial contributions of at least $ 100,000.00 are indicated here.

Donor Name
Amount contributed per year
Irish Aid
$ 1,585,182.71
DFID - UK $ 1,710,732.00
Government of Malawi $ 571,428.00
UNDP $ 143,560.00


Delivery in previous fiscal year

Donor Name
Amount used
Irish Aid
$ 317,990.00
DFID - UK $ 888,524.00
Government of Malawi  
UNDP $ 142,251.00

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