Policy Sector Review for Incorporating SLM in the Shire River Basin Final Report

01 Jul 2013


The main objective of sustainable land management (SLM) initiatives in the Shire River Basin is to integrate people’s coexistence with nature over the long-term, so that the provisioning, regulating, cultural and supporting services of this economically important ecosystem are ensured. In so doing the activities must focus on increasing productivity of the Shire River Basin while adapting to the socio-economic context of the natural resources dependent communities, improving resilience to environmental variability, including climate change and at the same time preventing degradation of natural resources.

This review was initiated by the Environmental Affairs Department (EAD) with the assistance from the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) through the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in order to examine and review policies, legislations and institutional arrangements on natural resources in order to address the conflicts between and to seek opportunities for complementarities that should guide implementation of the SLM in the Shire River Basin.

Specifically this study has evaluated current policies, legislations and institutional arrangements that are relevant to SLM by highlighting the relevance, weaknesses and conflicts in the current policies, legislations and institutional arrangements. These included international instruments, national development planning frameworks, national and institutional policies on environment, land, water, forestry, wildlife, agriculture and many others including their relevant support legal instruments.

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