Malawi Aid Atlas 2010/11

01 Jan 2012


The primary purpose of the Annual Aid Atlas is to provide a snapshot of donor involvement in development activities across all sectors of the Malawi economy. In support of IATI and other aid transparency initiatives, information contained in this Aid Atlas should be used to enhance better planning for development and support the implementation of aid effectiveness principles such as harmonization and alignment of donor activities with national development agenda and systems. For the public, information contained in here provides a basis for holding the Government and development partners accountable for development results in different sectors. The analysis that follows focuses on Official Development Assistance (ODA) in its entirety – inclusive of both loans and grants to the Government of Malawi.

This fourth edition Malawi Annual Aid Atlas mostly draws its inspiration from the 4th High Level Forum (HLF) on Aid Effectiveness that was held in Busan, South Korea towards the end of 2011, which re-affirmed the commitments made by the parties to the Paris Declaration and Accra Agenda for Action to promote country ownership of development. 

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