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Funding and Delivery

UNDP is existent and operational in Malawi due to the availability of funding mobilized from various sources. The core financial resources of UNDP come from the United Nations member countries through voluntary contributions. Every year a specific amount of money is allocated to the country office from UNDP Headquarters in New York. These resources are called “Target for Resource Assignment from the Core” (TRAC) and they are meant for programme activities. Another allocation which is separately accounted for, is made to cater for management and operations at the office.

Cost Sharing are resources which UNDP in Malawi mobilizes from its Development Partners (Donors) including governments and other multinational organizations. Through stronger partnerships UNDP is able to ensure a sustainable resource inflow that is used for various development initiatives in the country. From all the resources mobilized from the Development Partners, UNDP collects a small amount as General Management Service that is used in the administration of the funding.

UN Common Services are resources mobilized by UNDP from its sister agencies for services jointly acquired like management services, and utilities.

All these resources are used for both programme activities and office operations. Our development partners do not only contribute financially; they are also the major decision-makers on how their financial support should be used.

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